Hi there it’s

nice to meet ya!

My name is Elmira Taimani

I was born in Iran and raised in Germany. I moved to the US when I was 15, which means I grew up watching "Coming to America" dubbed with completely different voices. Yup, let that sinc in.

I'm a wife of the most amazing, supportive husband. He is my world, and brings so much joy and light to my life.  He is a musican and a second shooter for me at times. We love creating together!!

A few things that make me happy are my family, my community, creating art, coffee, nature, gloomy rainy days, traveling, sushi, chocolate and watching Grey's Anatomy and The Bachelor.

I am a Enneagram Type 2, so - helping people comes natural to me. I love my clients and capturing their families grow is the reason why I love my job.